Supporting Local Charities

  A cheque was handed over to Lord -Lieutenant Patrick Holcroft on behalf of "Worcestershire Community Foundation"  for £30,000 raised by Worcestershire Ambassadors during 2016 the Ambassador Christmas lunch held at Primo's in Worcester


Chairman Vince Hopkins, L-L Patrick Holcroft with Director Judy Owen and Tracey Hopkins - Event organisers






I confirm that we are not seeking charity applications for 2017.  The Board have selected two county based prostate cancer charities to support .

Fuller details are listed below.

Part of the Boards decision was not simply to support these two great charities but the desire to help raise awareness of this condition (which is the most common cancer within men) within  Worcestershire. We chose these charities in 2015 and the Rory appeal which was launched that year has raised £220,000 by October 2016.  We organise annual PSA testing every February at WRFC Sixways. David Baxter Smith heads the charity and his very small team of volunteers have so far carried out approximately 70,000 tests nationwide. We want him to continue his great work particularly in our County.

Vince Hopkins


Ambassadors Ball 2015 Raises £55000 for local Prostate Cancer Charities.


                                                          Ian Jukes                                         David Baxter-Smith

                                                          Rory the Robot Appeal                  Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Awareness Group

 Rory the Robot Appeal.                            

The Rory the Robot Appeal aims to raise £1.6million for a da Vinci surgical system that will change the future of prostate cancer surgery in Worcestershire.  The state of the art surgical system will be based at the Alexandra Hospital, which is the county’s centre of excellence for urology, but will cater for patients across Worcestershire.

Prostate cancer claims the life of one man every hour and by 2030 will be the most common cancer.   In Worcestershire alone there are 2500 men surviving prostate cancer at any one time, with about 450 to 550 new prostate cancer cases diagnosed annually.

The technology will allow surgeons to remove tumours with more precision through five cuts around the prostate gland rather than open surgery.  With Rory’s assistance patients will benefit from minimal blood loss, decreased pain following surgery, lower risk of complications and improved recovery times.


Worcestershire Prostate Awareness Group  

To make men (over 45 years of age) more aware of possible problems with the prostate gland. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men and 10,000 men a year are dying of this disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can cure this disease.

Working with various charities nationwide I have now carried out nearly 500 awareness events, done over 40,000 blood tests and I know of 774 men who have as a result been diagnosed, treated and cured of prostate cancer.

Worcestershire has, until recently, been poorly served, and so we have now formed this small charity. We have visited Droitwich,Redditch, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge and Worcester to carry out awareness events where men are offered a free P.S.A. blood test which can act as an early indicator of serious prostate problems. Derek Fradgley has been a devoted supporter of this charity and has helped to arranged an annual event.

Each test costs the charity about £15 and at present we only have enough funds to do one (or possibly two) more events and are in need of financial support to maintain this charity and such help from Worcestershire Ambassadors would help to reduce the mortality of this disease with the county.

David Baxter-Smith.


Update and dates and Venues for Testing

Appointments can be made by contacting 07817 - 083492

I will keep you informed of the details at the cricket ground as they emerge.

For your interest we are now involved with some research with Medical Detection Dogs where dogs are being trained to sniff urine specimens to detect Prostate Cancer. It looks very promising. Perhaps at our next event we will bring a Labrador rather than needles and syringes!