Worcester City Runs.

In partnership with Worcestershire Ambassadors. Supporting Worcester Community Trust. Because mental health matters.

We are delighted to be an official partner of the

Worcester City Run 10k and half-marathon taking place 5th September 2021

Over the past 12 months, the Coronavirus pandemic and floods

in Worcester have had an impact on everybody’s mental health.

Worcestershire Ambassadors are committed to supporting our

community improve their mental health and well being.

All of the funds raised through the partnership between the Worcestershire Ambassadors and Worcester City Runs 2021 will be used by Worcester Community Trust to offer professional support and activities to build good mental health and well-being.

This will be organised by MoodMasters and Mental Health First Aid.

Mental health first aid courses will teach you to spot earlier signs and symptoms of common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression and stress. Our courses are delivered in accordance with the Mental Health First Aid England guidelines by our specialist facilitators who have experience of training specifically in the workplace.

For more information on Mental Health First Aid visit the MHFA England website

A cognitive therapy based peer support programme Moodmaster provides a range of simple tools and techniques to help people manage life’s emotional ups and downs more effectively, cope better with everyday stresses and worries and improve their overall quality of life.

Around 1 in 4 people each year will experience problems such as stress, anxiety and low mood. Each week the Moodmaster sessions focus on a different topic and provide simple coping skills that can be put into practice. Topics include sleep, worry, relaxation, dealing with stress, problem solving and friendships.

For mor information on Moodmaster visit the Moodmaster website

Find out how using these services has supported Hayley with her Mental Health & Wellbeing.

How your fundraising will help


Cost of training one

person to deliver

Mental Health First Aid

courses will benefit up

to 350 people a year


Cost of funding

one place

on a

Mental Health

First Aid course


Cost of training to

deliver Moodmasters

course will support

200 people a year


Cost of funding

one place on a



How can you help


  • Run on behalf of Worcestershire Ambassadors and Worcestershire Community Trust.

  • Entry Cost is £50.
  • You will get a free technical t-shirt or running vest, swag bag at the end of the run, access to our team training plan, webinars/seminars and marketing across our social media and other channels.
  • We ask you to raise a minimum of £150 in sponsorship.


  • T-shirts

    We are looking for £2,000 in sponsorship to cover the cost of our technical t-shirts and running vests. Your logo will be included on our t-shirts and vests and you will receive free marketing and promotion.

  • Runner’s ‘swag bags’

    – we are looking for £1,000 in sponsorship to cover the cost of our swag bags for our runners at the finish line. Our swag bag will be provided to runners ahead of races, and will include their t-shirt or vest alongside other useful items. You will be able to work with us to include selected marketing within our swag bags.

  • Air flow banners 

    we are looking for £500 in sponsorship to cover the cost of our air flow banners and flags. Your logo will be included and you will benefit from our marketing and promotion.


  • Donate to our ‘swag bag’

    Local businesses can you help us fill our swag bags. If you would like to help us, then please contact us so we can tell you what we need. Examples of what we need to provide include water and glucose.

Help Our Training

  • Help our training

    We are looking for individuals and businesses to help our runners with advice on nutrition, injury prevention, training and more through webinars and/or face-to-face sessions (as allowed).

Help Our Training

  • Volunteer 

    Help at our water and cheer stations, or hold a bucket at a strategic location on the course.