Worcestershire Ambassadors came into being in 2000 and draws together leaders of industry and enterprise, celebrities, and those in public life – media, arts, and sport, all of whom have a common mission to promote the County of Worcestershire.

If you would like to become an Ambassador and join us in the promotion of all things good about Worcestershire, then please download and complete an application form PDF 
(requires Adobe Reader).

We are looking for persons to play an active role and through their status help to attract new businesses, new investors, commerce and new visitors into Worcestershire for the benefit of the County and its residents.

If you would like to become an Ambassador and join us in the promotion of that is good about Worcestershire and you live or work in the county, then please contact Tracey Hopkins - Membership Secretary.

She may be contacted by e-mail
or on 07710 493617

For the full list of our current members please see the list below.

Mr Robert Adams
Mr Chris Akers
Ms Hilary Al Rasheed
Mr Moeen Ali
Mr Stuart Allen
Mrs Jill Angell
Mr Mark Armstrong
Mr Mike Ashton
Mr Nicholas Aston
Ms Marina Banner
Ms Helena Baxter  
Dr David Baxter-Smith
Ms Helena Bennett
Mrs Judith Bennett
Mr Neil Betteridge
Ms Juliet Betterton
Ms Sue Bown
Mrs Anne Bradshaw
Mr Paul Bramwell
Mr Jonathan Brew
Mrs Angela Brinton
Ms Isla Buchanan
Miss Caro  Burberry
Mr Marcus Burton
Mr Maynard Burton
Mrs Anne Carter
Ms Michelle Chamberlain
Ms Sussanne Chambers
Mr Rob Champion
Ms Sharon Chance
Mr Simon Clark
Prof. Michael Clarke
Mr Jeremy Clarke-Morris
Mr Jason Clines
Lord Chris Cobham
Mr Michael Collie
Mr Tony Copeland
Mr Nick Crabbe
Mr John Crabtree
Mrs Susan Crow
Mr Daniel Daniels
Mr Giles Darby
Mr Dave  Darlaston
Mr Nick Davies
Mr Tudor Davies
Mr Steve Descher
Mr John Dillion
Mr Boyd Douglas- Davies
Mr Cecil Duckworth
Mr Phillip Dutton
Mr Peter Earp
Ms Hannah Edwards
Ms Janine Edwards
Mr Max Edwards
Mr Stephen Edwards
Prof. Judith Elkin
Mr Peter Evans
Lord Richard Faulkner
Mr Jim Findlay
Mr John Fisher
Mr Jon  Fletcher
Lord Howard Flight
Mr Philip Fowler
Mr Colin Foxall
Mr Mark Gallett
Mr Mark Garnier
Mr Simon Geraghty
Mr Andrew Gerry
Mr Craig Gillies
Mrs Lee Gough
Mr Andrew Graham
Mr Andrew Grant
Prof. David Green
Mr Adrian Gregson
Mr Stephen Groutage
Mr David Hadley-Price
Mr Joe Hancox
Mr Ian Harris
Ms Nikki Harrison
Mr Terry Harvey
Mr  Craig Hathaway
Mr Mike Henley
Ms Louise Hewett
Mr Simon Hodgetts
Lt. Colonel Patrick Holcroft
Ms Louise Hookham
Mr Vince Hopkins
Mr Christopher Hordern
Mr Nigel Hudson
Ms Vivienne Hudson
Ms Susan Humes
Ms Stacey Humm
Mr Steve Hunt
Mr John Hyde
Mr Mark Jackson
Mr Chris Jaeger
Mr Huw James
Mr Peter Johnson
Mr Chris Jones
Mr Kevin Jones
Mr Ian Jukes
Mr Martin Jukes
Lord Mervyn King
Mr Ivan Knezovich
Mr Paul Langford
Ms Caroline Leah
Ms Kathy Leather
Mr John Leftwich
Mr Denis Lloyd Jones 
Ms Katie Love
Mr Tony Lowe
Mrs Tracy Lowe
Mr Richard Mander
Mr Andrew Manning-Cox
Mr Ben Mannion
Mr Rob March
Ms Clare Marchant
Mr Guy Marson
Mr Robin Mayo
Ms Sarah Mayo-Evans
Mr Jim McBride
Mr Ian McDermott
Mr  Peter Millichip
Mr Daryl Mitchell
Ms Mary Mocklow
Ms Sally Morris
Ms Anne Morton
Mr Jake Mountford
Mr Jonathan Mountford
Dr Simon Murphy
Mr Roger Murray
Ms Elizabeth Needham
Mr Ed Nixey
Mr Stuart Notttingham
Mr Nick O'Hara
Ms Dawn Oliver
Mr Michael O'Riordan
Mr Harvey Owen
Ms Judy Owen
Mr Martin Page
Mr John Painter
Mr Dale Parmenter
Mr Chris Pennell
Mr Gary Perkins
Mr John Peters
Mr Paul Phillips
Mr Stephen Pitts
Ms Alison  Plant
Mr Ken Pollock
Ms Anja Potze
Mr Kevin Powell
Mr Norman Price
Ms Penny  Raby
Mr Matthew Rawnsley
Mr Rob Richards
Mr Charles Rodway
Mr Gary Rouse
Mr Derek Simmonds
Mr John Sitch
Mr Garry Smith
Mr Gerrard Smith
Mr Ian Smith
Mr Nigel Smith
Mr Nigel Smith
Ms Sharon Smith
Mr Graham Spence
Mr Aidan Stevens
Mr Ian Stirzaker
Mr Robert Sykes
Mr Paul Taylor
Mr Stephen Taylor
Mr Carl Theakston
Ms Yvonne Tivey
Ms  Judith Toole
Mr Frankie Tsang
Mr Lance Turner
Mr Peter Vella
Ms Patricia Venables
Lord Mark Walker
Mr Paul Walker
Mr Paul Walker
Mr Robin Walker
Mr Russell Walker
Mr Richard Waltier
Mr Adam Warren
Ms Anne Worrallo-Hickman
Ms  Elaine Watt
Mr Ron Whitfield
Mr  Andrew Willett
Ms Julia Williams
Mr Nick Witts-Hewinson
Mr Stephen Wyer