Worcestershire Ambassadors 2021 Walk Challenge

Progress to the Moon
Progress to £20,000


Mental health, well-being, resilience; these are not buzzwords. 2020 was a very difficult year for businesses, individuals and organisations – not just in Worcestershire, but throughout the UK and the World – and the true impact of this is still being felt.

Off of the back of this year, the Worcestershire Ambassadors want to do their part to help everyone in Worcestershire to build their resilience, protect their well-being, and to be able to ask for help when they need it.

Our 2021 Walk Challenge is designed to encourage individuals to enjoy gentle exercise, to take time with their friends, family and colleagues, to talk to each other, and to feel comfortable talking about their mental health.

Our campaign.

Our ambitious 2021 campaign is made up of several elements designed to encourage individuals, businesses and organisations – no matter what background or sector – to think, talk and look after their mental well-being. The campaign is made of several key elements:

  • 2021 Walk Challenge – The saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ is underpinned by research that shows exercise is extremely beneficial. It’s also known that socialising is a vital part of good mental health and resilience. Our 2021 Walk Challenge is designed to get individuals across Worcestershire to undertake gentle exercise, to enjoy the outdoors, and to spend time talking with friends and family.
  • Fundraising – The 2021 Walk Challenge is designed to allow as many individuals in the County as possible to take part. Every participant is asked to record the number of miles they have walked each month throughout 2021, so that we can collectively walk from the Earth to the Moon (238,900 miles!).

  • Individual Registration – Individuals can register to take part for £10. We ask participants to try and raise a minimum of £100 additional sponsorship throughout the year. Most importantly, however, if all you can afford is the £10  joining fee then that’s fine; we still want you to get involved and see the benefits of some exercise and some good company.
  • Business Registration – Business can register their employees to take part for £100. As many individuals can then participate throughout the year and mileage can be logged by the business under a single participant number. We ask businesses to commit to raising, or donating, at least £500 throughout the year.

  • Highlighting Mental Health – Whilst the importance of people’s mental health is slowly beginning to be recognised, there is still a stigma attached to this. That’s why the Worcestershire Ambassador’s 2021 Walk Challenge will feature videos, blogs, podcasts and more with individuals, business leaders, members talking open, honestly and frankly about their own mental health. We want to highlight that mental health is as important as physical health, and to show that anyone can struggle with their mental health; sometimes for a short period, and sometimes longer-term.


  • £20,000 – All the profits from our 2021 Walk Challenge will be invested in Worcestershire to support services, programmes and initiatives the encourage good mental health and well-being for everyone. Our aim is to raise £20,000 in total. The more people that participate in our 2021 Walk Challenge, the less each individual has to walk per day, and the easier it is to reach our fundraising goal.
  • Normalising Mental Health  – If you are struggling with your mental health, for any reason, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that you can get help. We want you to know it is OK to talk about your mental health.

2021 Walk Challenge – Get involved.

Our 2021 Walk Challenge is open to everyone and you can join at any point throughout 2021

To join us on our walk to the Moon please follow the simple steps below:

  • Click the ‘Join our 2021 Walk Challenge‘ button – you will be directed to our secure payment page, Individuals will be asked to pay their £10 joining fee. Business will be asked to pay their £100 joining fee. You also need to give us consent to contact you throughout our campaign.
  • Check your email – shortly after this you will receive a welcome email with important information about the campaign, including a link to our Go Fund Me page and your 3 digit participant number (please check your spam / junk if you do not receive this within 48 hours).
  • Share the campaign – to reach the Moon – and raise £20,000 – we need at least 200 individuals covering 3.3 miles every day, each raising £100. Alternatively we need 40 businesses covering 115 miles per week, with each business raising or donating £500.  The more participants we have the less miles each one has to cover, and the more money we can raise to make a difference in Worcestershire. More importantly, the opportunity to spend some time outside, with friends, family and colleagues, will help everyone to feel better and look after their physical and mental well-being.
  • Record your miles (or kilometres) – we recommend you do this weekly. Click the ‘Log your miles‘ button to head to our dedicated site where you can input your participant number and miles/kilometres.
  • Fundraise – please raise as much money as you can throughout the year. Please share the Go Fund Me link, ask people to donate via this webpage by clicking the ‘Donate now‘ button.
  • Contact us – click the ‘Contact Us‘ button if you want to talk to us about this campaign, feel you have a story to share that will help others, or have any questions or issues when registering.


Find the latest updates, media, videos, and information about our 2021 Walk Challenge here.

2021 Walk Challenge – Our Campaign Partners.