Gheluvelt Project 2020.


In 2019 a number of Ambassadors visited Ypres and undertook a 7 day visit to a number of WWI battle sites. As part of their tour they went to visit where the Worcestershire Regiment made their famous counter attack at Gheluvelt and, despite heavy losses, held the line, stopped the German advance and “saved the British Empire”. Whilst there is a memorial to the Regiment it is not fitting to the memory of the fallen. The touring party visited a number of other sites during the week and were overwhelmed by the number of casualties which were represented on monuments (to those whose bodies were not found) and in the cemeteries.


With this in mind the Worcestershire Ambassadors have put in place ambitious plans to achieve the following in 2020:-

  • Create bursaries for Worcestershire Schools to visit the battlefields to gain first hand experience of the extent of the sacrifice made by that young generation in the Great War. This will be combined with a visit to Gheluvelt also raising the profile of the Worcestershire Regiment’s part. To raise awareness we have commissioned a pamphlet for schools identifying the importance of the battle. We are looking to create a minimum of 5 bursaries of £700 each. This will be funded through the special edition Tommy Atkins model soldier generously donated by Warlord Games Ltd.
  • Fund refurbishment of the Gheluvelt memorial in Belgium for £7,500 so that a more fitting tribute can be made. This supports the Ambassadors objective of promoting Worcestershire outside of the County.
  • Through a Charity Cycle Ride from Gheluvelt Park in Worcester to Gheluvelt in Belgium raise funds for the Royal British Legion Worcester veterans. We will be setting off on 27th October 2020 from Gheluvelt Park Worcester and arriving on the date of the Battle 31st October 2020 when the new memorial will be unveiled.

Join Us.

Join a group of up to 30 Ambassadors on the cycle ride. The cost of hotel accommodation and the ferry crossing is £456.50 (including booking fee) and will need to be paid in advance. The itinerary is as follows:-

Day 1 - 27th October 2020

Cycle route from Gheluvelt Park, Worcester to Premier Inn, Oxford South Didcot. The route is 69 miles (730 metre climb).

Day 2 - 28th October 2020

Cycle route to Premier Inn, East Grinstead.  The route is 84 miles (780 metre climb).

Day 3 - 29th October 2020

Cycle route to Premier Inn, Dover Central. The route is 83 miles (1,000 metre climb).

Day 4 - 30th October 2020

Cycle route to the ferry for a crossing to Dunkirk taking 1 hour, 30 minutes. The route is 1 mile (0 metre climb).

Cycle route to Dunkirk Beaches, Dunkirk Memorial and to Ariane Hotel, Ypres. The route is 47 miles (40 metre climb).

Day 5 - 31st October 2020

Cycle route around various historic sites taking in Gheluvelt and through to the Menin Gate. The route is 39 miles (218 metre climb).

The total route is: 323 miles (520km) with a 2,768m climb (65 miles and 554m climb on average per day).